“Overall, Gray’s compendium of Greco-Roman advice is an interesting, thought-provoking and widely accessible read, which succeeds in highlighting the similarities, differences, and absurdities that exist between the sensibilities of the ancients and those of our modern world.”
Bryn Mawr Classical Review

“I was quite often happily amused but at the same time taken aback by how relevant some of the topics were. . . .”

“I liked the style of writing it was presented in, very easy to read and funny. . . it had character and a humorous personal touch that made it interesting for me.”

I started carrying Ask the Ancients with me everywhere I went; I found myself looking forward to bus rides, doctor offices, and other waiting places that offered me a chance to look at what peoples living thousands of years before I had to say about the same issues that roll around in my head today.”

“It makes an excellent coffee table book because it is so easily digested and it contains a wealth of conversation starters. . . . If I could ask for one thing, it would be for more!

“This is a very interesting book and unlike any other I have read. It is more like a great starting point for an endless flow of information about many good topics.”

“I found it eye-opening. . . .”

“I found it quite interesting that the ancient world had the same problems as we have in this DNA age. It seems that human needs and desires such as marriage, love, peace, and beauty never change.”

“As I read more, I began to see that much of the advice had elements of truth that stood the test of time. In fact, some answers were strikingly simple and relevant. . . .”

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Astonishing Advice for Daily Dilemmas By Sylvia Gray